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Student Leadership


Mr Roy Cher Liew Chun

Committee Members

Ms Ong Lena
Ms Oh Ee-laine
Ms Marliyana Md Noor
Ms Zhang Lingjia Mabel
Ms Lian Xue Li Jasmine
Ms Wong Yin Mei
Mr Foo Fook Seng


The Student Leadership Committee (SLC) supports the school’s Strategic Thrust 2: Nurture the Whole Child through Character Development and Well-being. More specifically, the SLC is responsible for designing and implementing a whole-school approach to Student Leadership development, so that effective leaders and good role models may be nurtured.

Student Leadership Committee (SLC)

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Every student has the potential to be a confident and inspiring leader. The Bedok View Student Leadership Framework guides the student leadership programme which aims to equip students with specific skills to build capacity and inculcate values. The leadership training that all students undergo will develop them into responsible, respectful leaders who are ready and capable of future leadership roles. 

As students progress in their leadership journey, they will be empowered with greater responsibilities and nurtured into confident leaders who are role models for their peers. By providing varied platforms and opportunities to lead, students will develop into inspiring leaders who can influence others to step forward to lead and serve others. This will encourage student leaders to demonstrate leadership skills and exhibit the 3C qualities of Character, Commitment and Courage which are aligned to our school values. As part of leadership development, students will also be prepared for the 21st century with competencies such as communication, relationship building, conflict management, project management and public speaking. Our leadership programme will nurture Bedok Viewans into confident, inspiring leaders of tomorrow.


We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to have his or her leadership potential nurtured and maximised. Bedok View’s Leadership framework is based Kouzes and Posner 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership which equips our students with specific skills that will help them to become better leaders through formal and informal (on-the-job) training. We believe that all students need to learn about leadership, before they can demonstrate it through their actions. Students with high potential will then be entrusted with various leadership roles in school where they can have a greater sphere of influence.

The school’s Student Leadership programme is two-tiered. At the foundational level, the school aims to expose and inculcate students with leadership values which mirror the school values. At the higher level, students who have greater leadership potential and are role models of school values may hold leadership positions as class leaders, CCA leaders and Student Councillors.

The school provides many opportunities for the Student Leaders to demonstrate their leadership skills which will nurture them into more confident an effective leaders of the 21st century.