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Principal's Welcome Message

Principal's Welcome Message


A warm welcome to Bedok View (BV) Secondary School!


When you enter the gates of BV, there are two things that you will be able to see almost immediately and I would like to highlight them as these aptly reflect and sum up what our school stands for.


First is the lighthouse at the main foyer, which was done by our staff as part of the school’s 40th anniversary in 2017. Depicted on our school crest, the lighthouse is our school symbol. It represents the fire of passion and guiding light to direct our thoughts and actions. Furthermore, it symbolises our aspirations as a school to achieve high standards of integrity, strong character, and resilience. A lighthouse on strong foundation is able to withstand the waves of changes and challenges. This is what we aspire for every Bedok Viewan – that through the learning experiences and from being part of the BV community, all Bedok Viewans will grow from strength to strength and make a positive impact in their home, school and community.


At the parade square, the highest banner hung up is one that says ‘Home to Bedok Viewans’. This is not only as a welcome but also our commitment to providing a safe space and community for all staff and students to learn and grow. Our BV home is one where every Bedok Viewan strives towards exemplifying the values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Service and Excellence (2RISE). In the 4-5 years of learning at BV, our hope is for our students to experience the richness of the national curriculum and also our specially-designed distinctive BV programmes, such as our Applied Learning Programme that aims to nurture critical thinkers with a sense of global awareness and confident communicators who can effectively engage with others, and our Learn for Life Programme that engenders positive attitudes and character traits in every Bedok Viewan.


One of my first ‘duties’ when I started my journey at BV was to release the N level results to our sec 4N cohort. Beyond just the academic achievements (special note: the 2020 cohort did exceptionally well, congratulations!), it was evident that much of their joy and celebration was a culmination of the special memories with fellow Bedok Viewans and the strong teacher-student relationships built in the past four years. In particular, I was humbled as I congratulated a special group of students whom teachers had identified as having risen above difficulties and personal challenges, be it in their health or home front, to demonstrate exceptional character and strength to do well in the national exams. With the encouragement of the school and their own tenacity, these students are truly role models of our 2RISE values and they have done their families and teachers proud.


This is one of our stories and it is testament of the BV spirit – to be a lighthouse and a home.


As we chart a new journey together, I look forward to the discovery, celebration and writing of many new stories for every Bedok Viewan.  


We aspire, we strive and we dream for a better future!


Mdm Teo Yvonne