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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)


Mr Su Jee Yee Steven (IC)
Ms Seetoh Peijia (2IC)

Committee Members

Mrs Lena Tiu
Ms Ang Suat Kee Sally
Mdm Ma Lay Hwa


Objectives of Programme

The desired outcomes of the Good Value @ BV are to engender positive attitudes and character traits in Bedok View students through a structured provision of opportunities. Students apply values learned in two areas: the CCE and CCA curriculum.
Specific outcomes would be observable demonstration by BV students of school and CCE values. Authentic experiences, aligned to CCE learning outcomes and values, are provided through suitable opportunities during PE lessons, CCA sessions and VIA projects in collaboration with different external partners. Students will understand the extent to which they have exemplified positive values and learn how to live out these values.


The programme will consist of two tiers. A tiered approach serves to provide different depths of experience. Students from the CCA will be expected to demonstrate an additional level of competency on top of what is expected for the whole school population. 

Tier 1 Programme
In Tier 1, all students will apply selected values / learning points from their CCE lessons using various platforms. The LLP will be differentiated and progressive through the levels by focusing on the following approaches.

The approach refers to the lessons in the curriculum and co-curriculum which seeks to create awareness and understanding of BV / CCE values.

The approach relates to how students demonstrate their understanding of the BV / CCE values in various situations.

The approach means that students will be able to go beyond personal demonstration of the BV / CCE values to using the same values to lead others.

The approach emphasises the roles of students in guiding others in applying the BV / CCE values. Only after the students have had experience leading others using the values would they be able to teach others how to do so.

Tier 2 Programme 
In Tier 2, the target group is the Upper Secondary CCA students and the focus is specifically on values related to student leadership and the approach utilised is mainly the TEACH approach. However, adoption of the approach in this tier goes beyond guiding others in applying only BV / CCE values. It also involves imparting and reinforcing specific leadership values to their juniors. The additional emphasis on leadership traits stems from the primary goal of CCA to develop all CCA members as student leaders.

Value-add of Programme
The Good Value @ BV programme aims to complement the other Character Development (CD) programmes. In particular, it addresses two aspects. First, it will deliberately provide opportunities for students to apply what they learn about values, which would otherwise be missed out due to lack of attention to these opportunities. Second, it will touch the heart, i.e. internalising the values. This second aspect will require teachers to be able to facilitate the reflection and learning when students carry out the programme activities.