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Mr Mohd Azuan Tan

Committee Members

Mr Jeremy Yong De Jun (Co-IC)
Mr Andy Ang Lai Sheng (Co-IC)
Miss Siti Farah Izzah
Mr Tan Wee Ghuan Jastinian
Mr Randy Harris Chandermohan (Discipline Aide) 

Discipline Framework

Effective discipline is based on a consistent philosophy and approach. Every student matters and 

the school aims to nurture a caring school culture and a positive school climate. Such a climate is based on a calm yet firm insistence on high standards of behaviour at all times. To this effect, the school has formulated a set of clear and reasonable school rules to guide the students, which emphasises both reason and compassion, to help students change for their betterment.

School discipline also means the obligation of teachers and students to follow a code of conduct known usually as school rules. These regulations define exactly what is expected of model student behaviour and the consequences in the event that the student violates this standard. At the same time, our school creates a supportive environment by teaching values, social and emotional skills, and providing opportunities for students to exercise good behaviour by guiding and re-orientating students who have erred in their ways. A Whole School Approach towards Discipline is thus adopted, with the aim of developing our students’ self-discipline so that they become individuals who take responsibility for their decisions and actions.

The school has adopted the ‘4 P’ Framework to discipline, which stands for being Proactive, Preventive, Pastoral and having good Partnerships with parents and external agencies to enhance the quality of the school as a community and to help maintain high expectations. 

4P Framework.png


Code Of Conduct

1. Attendance & Punctuality

1.1 Daily attendance in school during term time is compulsory as it supports student learning. The same is expected for CCAs or any activity organised by the school.
1.2 Bedok Viewans must submit to their Form Teacher, upon their return to school, a valid Medical Certificate or a Letter of Excuse (not more than 4 per term) from parents or guardians. Absence from school without a valid reason is considered as truancy.
1.3 Bedok Viewans should obtain written permission from the Form Teacher before leaving the school premises during curriculum time based on valid reasons. Once approval has been given, he/she should proceed to the General Office for his/her parents to be contacted.
1.4 Bedok Viewans should be punctual for school, CCA and other school activities. Late-comers may be required to serve detention and repeated late-comers may be externally suspended.

2. Flag Raising Ceremony

2.1 Bedok Viewans who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the National Pledge. Bedok Viewans will take the National Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
2.2 Bedok Viewans should stand at attention and face the flags when the National Anthem is being sung and the National Pledge recited.
2.3 Bedok Viewans are to observe the ceremony with solemnity and respect.

3. School Uniform

3.1 Bedok Viewans are to wear the prescribed school uniform within and outside of school. Modification to the uniform is not allowed.






·       White shirt and beige shorts for lower secondary Bedok Viewans

·       White shirt and beige straight-fit long pants for upper secondary Bedok Viewans

·       Long pants (when worn) should  cover the ankle


·       White blouse and beige pleated skirt

·       Skirt (when worn) should reach the knee


·         Sleeves of the school shirt/blouse should not be folded.


·       Bedok Viewans are to wear white socks which are to cover their ankles fully.

·       If socks cannot be worn, a medical certificate or a parent's letter from parent/guardian should be produced.


·       Bedok Viewans are to wear white-based track/canvas shoes which are low cut and properly laced with white shoelaces.

·       For full-fledged student councillors, only black shoes are allowed.

·      Slippers, sandals and sloppy footwear should not be worn at any time on the school premises. Only students with a medical certificate or parent’s letter will be granted permission to wear slippers/sandals.

3.2 The school badge and name tag must be properly sewn onto the school shirt/school blouse.
3.3 Bedok Viewans are to wear the full school uniform and tie smartly every Monday during the Flag Raising Ceremony.
3.4 Bedok Viewans are to wear their PE attire during PE lessons, games and physical activities. PE T-shirts must be tucked into their shorts before and after PE lessons.
3.5 Bedok Viewans should change into their PE attire during the lesson, and not before. If the PE lesson ends before recess, Bedok Viewans should change back to their full school uniform before their respective recess ends. If the PE lesson ends after recess, Bedok Viewans can wear their half school uniform until school ends.
3.6 Bedok Viewans can wear half school uniform every Friday. This means a PE, Class, or School-issued T-shirt of the current year, paired with a beige pleated skirt for the girls, or beige shorts/pants for the boys. This is also the attire for school-based activities during the school holidays. The school reserves the right to deny access to past and present Bedok Viewans who are improperly attired.

4. Grooming

4.1 Bedok Viewans are to be mindful of their personal grooming as it projects the school image and the Bedok Viewan community they belong to. Thus, Bedok Viewans should ensure the following:





  • Dyed, highlighted hair, styling of hair and clean-shaven head is not allowed


  • Hair should be short and neatly combed,without reaching the ears, the eyebrows or the collar of the shirt.

  • Hair should not be disproportionately longer in the front and top sections. No overlapping or undercutting is allowed. 

  • Bedok Viewans must be clean shaven and must not display any facial hair such as beards, moustaches or side burns on their faces.

  • Hair should be short and neatly combed, without reaching the ears, the eyebrows or the collar of the blouse.

  • Long hair should be plaited or tied neatly with plain (white, blue, brown or black) hair bands/clips.

  • Hair should not drape loosely on either side of the face


  • Ear stick(s) or ear stud(s) are not allowed.

  • A pair of small, identical ear studs with non-offensive or non-controversial design allowed on ear lobes.
  • Ear stick(s) are not allowed.

Tattoo & Piercing

  • Bedok Viewans are not allowed to have any tattoos on their bodies. The school reserves the right to suspend Bedok Viewans found with tattoos indefinitely.
  • Piercing(s) which are clearly visible or partially visible are not allowed


  • Bedok Viewans are not allowed to wear accessories (e.g. ankle bands, necklaces, chains, bangles, rings) or any objects deemed inappropriate by the school.

5. Attire & Grooming 

Attire & Grooming Lower Sec Boys.png
Lower Secondary Attire (Boys)
Attire & Grooming Upper Sec Boys.png
Upper Secondary Attire (Boys)
School attire girls.jpg
School Attire

Grooming Standard Girls 1.jpgSchool attire girls 2.jpg
Grooming Standards (Girls)
Grooming Standard Boys 1.pngGrooming Standard Boys 2.png
Grooming Standards (Boys)

6. Rule on Weapons

6.1 Bedok Viewans are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

7. Canteen Rules & Cleanliness of School

7.1 Bedok Viewans are not allowed to eat or drink outside the canteen or the designated areas so as to maintain the cleanliness of the school's environment.
7.2 Bedok Viewans should queue in an orderly manner to buy food or drinks in the canteen.
7.3 Bedok Viewans are to make it their duty to return plates and cutlery to the respective containers provided by the food stalls as this helps in maintaining the general appearance and cleanliness of the canteen.
7.4 Bedok Viewans are also expected to be responsible and considerate in the use of all equipment and facilities within the school at all times.
7.5 Any defacing of furniture or misuse of equipment is a serious offence and is considered an act of vandalism. Offenders may be required to pay for the repair or replacement of damaged property.

8. Smoking

8.1 Smoking is illegal for all individuals who are under the age of 21, and it is also prohibited in public places within the compounds of educational institutions.
8.2 Smoking is a serious offence. We do not want Bedok Viewans to pick up this unhealthy habit during their formative years in school. Students caught smoking within or outside the school premises are liable to face serious consequences in school.

9. Behaviour in Public

9.1 Bedok Viewans are to be respectful and courteous in public areas. They are to observe and abide by the rules and regulations within the areas that they are patronising and/or visiting.
9.2 Bedok Viewans found violating these may face consequences meted out by the school in addition to any any fines or punishments by the authorities, in addition to consequences that the school will mete out.

10. Use of Electronic Devices 

10.2 Students should seek permission from their parents and guardians to bring these devices to school. Students are to take full responsibility to look after the devices they own. The school will not be responsible for any loss or damage to these devices.
10.3 These devices should always be on silent mode when switched on.
10.4 Charging of these devices, when they are not used for educational purposes or related, is not allowed in school.
10.5 Using these devices to take unwarranted photographs or videos of any person in the school is not allowed. The same rule applies if these devices are used to take nwarranted photographs or videos of any member of public outside school.
10.6 These devices can only be used during recess, after curriculum hours and after school activities or events. If these devices have to be used within curriculum hours or during school activities and events, the teachers will grant permission to the students. Conversely, students may request permission from their teachers for the use of the devices. Permission will be granted on a case-by-case basis and the decisions of the teachers will be final.
10.7 The staff of the school has the right to confiscate these devices if they are not kept away or used responsibly, sensitively, and appropriately, after repeated reminders. Once confiscated, these devices may be returned to the student at a later time and the student would be deemed to have committed an offence. In some instances, the school may require the presence of a parent or guardian before the confiscated device is returned to the student.

11. Classroom Conduct

11.1 The tone of the learning environment is vital to good teaching and learning. The G.R.A.C.E Protocol is used to ensure that Bedok Viewans are ready and prepared for every lesson.

Stage of the Lesson

Areas to take note

Before the Teacher arrives to class

  • The classroom is swept and the dustbin is cleared.
  • The whiteboard is clean and ready for the next lesson.
  • The tables and chairs are neatly arranged.
  • The attendance for the lesson is clearly updated on the board.
  • If coming from another venue, Bedok Viewans move quickly to the class so that the lesson can begin on time.
  • Bedok Viewans prepare materials for the lesson and place them on the table.
  • All bags and other belongings are neatly placed on the floor or on the shelves at the back of the class.

When the Teacher arrives

  • Every lesson begins with G.R.A.C.E.


Greeting the teacher

Bedok Viewans stand and make formal greetings as a show of respect and to signal the start of the lesson.



Bedok Viewans place their textbooks and all necessary materials and stationery on their desks. They are seated quietly in their seats with their bags placed on the floor.



Teacher checks the attendance of the class to ascertain absentees/late-comers for follow-up action.



Teacher and Bedok Viewans ensure that the classroom is clean. Students are expected to perform their duties when scheduled according to the class duty roster.



Teacher clearly communicates the expectations and objectives of the lesson.

During the Lesson

  • Bedok Viewans are clear about the lesson objectives.
  • Bedok Viewans are engaged during lesson and participate actively during class discussions.
  • During teacher-directed activities, Bedok Viewans pay close attention, taking notes where necessary.
  • Bedok Viewans should raise their hands if they have questions about the lesson.
  • When questions are asked, Bedok Viewans should raise their hands to respond and stand up when responding to the question.
  • During group activities, Bedok Viewans are clear about the roles they play. 
  • When work is assigned, Bedok Viewans should complete the work,seeking clarification or help from the teacher when required.
  • Bedok Viewans should ask for permission and obtain a Teacher’s Pass before being excused from the class.

At the end of the Lesson

  • Bedok Viewans stand and formal thanks are exchanged.
  • Bedok Viewans are clear of any follow-up work from the lesson. They are to write down any homework assigned in their Student Handbook.
  • Bedok Viewans should clarify with the teacher if they are unclear about the lesson.
  • Bedok Viewans remain in class and prepare for the next lesson.
  • Bedok Viewans pack up and move quickly as a class if the next lesson is at another venue.