Values in Action Programme


The Values in Action programme is an integral part of the holistic education which every Bedok Viewan receives. It forms an important component of Character & Citizenship Education, where opportunities are provided for moral action. The VIA programme in Bedok View adopts the Head, Heart, Hand approach which is central to this framework: 

(i) Head: Bedok Viewans learn to think critically about issues and arrive at a deeper understanding of the challenges facing Singapore. 
(ii) Heart: Bedok Viewans learn to empathise with the needs of others and have a deeper sense of compassion. 
(iii) Hand: Bedok Viewans learn to give back to society in various ways, and are empowered to contribute, create and lead a better, values-driven society in Singapore.

Bedok Viewans contribute to the society in various ways: 

(i) Action: By taking action to improve a situation they care about, 
(ii) Awareness: By promoting awareness so that others may learn about an important issue/ concern in the community or 
(iii) Advocacy: By being an advocate to inspire and influence others to make a difference to something that they care about.

As for the stages of planning and implementation of the VIA projects, Bedok Viewans adopt the RRR process

(i) Ready: Project Planning & Preparation where students identify their learning goals and needs of the community
(ii) Render: Project Implementation where students undergo conscious learning and execute their projects and 
(iii) Reflect: Post-Project Reflection where students will think about how they can improve and reinforce their learning.

The VIA programme supports students’ development as socially responsible students who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of knowledge, skills and values. With values-driven co-curricular programmes in place, Bedok Viewans participate actively in meaningful VIA projects organised by the school or initiated by the class/ CCA/ individuals. The scope of projects for the programme is wide and varied, ranging from VIA projects carried out within the school (Care for the School- Secondary Ones) to those conserving the environment (Care for the Environment- Secondary Twos), serving the community (Care for the Community- Upper Secondary) as well as the nation (Care for the Nation- Upper Secondary). 

As an integral part of Character & Citizenship Education, VIA involves school leaders, staff and students working together in synergy to realise the school’s mission to `Nurture Students, Transform Lives and Serve the Nation’.  In conclusion, this framework illuminates the path for Bedok Viewans to learn the value of giving back to society, while acquiring the values and the 21st century competencies: a confident person, self-directed learner, concerned citizen and active contributor.

Please refer to these supporting photographs to understand more about VIA@BV.


Sec 1 students Spreading the Joy during our annual service to the community during Chinese New Year.

Photographs above showcase 2 school toilets which were cleaned and spruced up by the Secondary Ones in 2018.



Our Secondary 4 & 5 students hosting the elderly from Rainbow Multiservice Center as well as our APSN Katong School students during our annual Chinese New Year celebrations.

Bedok Viewans finding out more about the needs of Make A Wish Foundation and their beneficiaries during the BV-VIA Marketplace


Bedok Viewans finding out more about the needs of Bedok SUN-DAC Centre during the BV-VIA Marketplace


Sec 5 students imparting life-skills like tooth-brushing to our APSN Katong School students.


Our Sec 4 students helping to engage the residents of the community in Bedok SUNDAC Centre

VIA Coordinator

Lower Sec: Ms Nazatul Fadzlin Bte Fadil
Upper Sec: Ms Cherie Chow Min Er