Values in Action Programme

The Values in Action programme is an integral part of the holistic education which every Bedok Viewan receives. It forms an important component of character & citizenship education, where opportunities are provided for moral action. The VIA programme in Bedok View supports students’ development as socially responsible students who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of knowledge, skills and values. With values-driven co-curricular programmes in place, Bedok Viewans participate actively in meaningful VIA projects organised by the school or initiated by the class. The scope of projects for the programme is wide and varied, ranging from VIA projects carried out within the school to those serving the communities around us and ranging from themes like “Caring for Our School “ to “Caring for our Community".

What are the main learning objectives of the programme?


  • understand the importance of your responsibility and duty as a citizen / Bedok Viewan
  • understand the social needs and concerns of the community and the country
  • contribute to the development of a caring and gracious society

What are some values students can learn from the programme?

  • showing respect to others
  • taking responsibility for one’s actions
  • showing care and concern for those who need more help through service
  • making a commitment to serve the community

What are some skills students can acquire from the programme?

  • skills of carrying our meaningful reflections
  • perspective-taking: seeing things from another person’s standpoint
  • leadership skills such as making decisions and motivating team members
  • organisation skills such as planning and budgeting
  • communication skills through interaction with team members and stakeholders

Through a developmental 4/5 years programme, students practise skills like carrying out meaningful reflections and perspective-taking. Students carry out personal and group reflections to discuss various phases of their VIA project planning and execution. Students’ reflect on the values they have put into practice and how they can continue to contribute meaningfully. Curriculum time is set aside during Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons and Form Teacher periods for these reflections. Lower secondary students will take part in level and class based VIA projects while upper secondary students will be encouraged to choose community issues that they are concerned about, understand the issues better and decide how they can make a difference in a sustained manner.

Coastal Clean-up of VIA Environmental Advocacy Project.jpg

Sec 4 students doing a Coastal Clean-up as part of their VIA Environmental Advocacy Project.

VIA Project.jpgSec 4 students helping out at Food from the Heart Network as part of their VIA Project.

Student giving out.jpg Student giving out 2.jpg
Student giving out 32.png
Students spreading the joy in the Bedok neighbourhood  this Chinese New Year and hosting the elderly from Rainbow Multiservice Center
SPCA Bake Sale by graduating students.png
SPCA Bake Sale by graduating students

VIA Coordinators
Lower Sec – Ms Song Weina
Upper Sec – Ms Cherie Chow