Cyber Wellness refers to the positive well-being of Internet users. It involves an understanding of the norms of appropriate use, responsible behaviour as well as knowledge, skills and attitudes on how to protect oneself and other Internet users in the cyber world. It looks into the positive physical and psychosocial well-being of students in their use of mobile and Internet technologies. 

CCE offers an important platform for achieving Cyber Wellness outcomes. The CCE module on Cyber Wellness will provide systematic instruction to facilitate the development of life-long social-emotional competencies which are grounded on sound values, so that our students would be poised to harness the power of ICT and avoid its danger so as to benefit themselves and the community.

Programme Delivery

The Cyber-wellness Curriculum in Bedok View is delivered through the following platforms: 

- Structured teaching of Cyber-wellness Module 
- Assembly Programme with Just-in-Time Messages
- Cyberwellness Student Ambassadors Programme