CCE Lesson

Character & Citizenship Education Lessons

The Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) Committee plans the CCE curriculum for the school and supports all teachers to ensure CCE is carried out effectively in the classrooms. The emphasis is on the inter-connectedness of the knowledge, skills, values and competencies imparted in these areas. The CCE Curriculum comprises of 20 hours of explicit teaching.

The themes for the CCE Lessons include the following:

Arrow Bullet Pointer.pngThe Leader Within: Having the Strength of Character
Arrow Bullet Pointer.pngFamily our Foundation: Our Pillar of Love and Life
Arrow Bullet Pointer.pngBeing a Positive Influence: Inspiring Others to be Good and do Good
Arrow Bullet Pointer.pngThinking Heart, Feeling Mind: Developing Socially and Emotionally Competent
Arrow Bullet Pointer.pngU and I in Community: Understanding and Building our Community
Arrow Bullet Pointer.pngThis Is Home, Truly Appreciating our Country, our Home
Arrow Bullet Pointer.pngThe World in Singapore: Being Singaporeans in a Globalised World

Citizenship Education Programme

The Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) Committee also plans and carries out programmes such as the Citizenship Education (CE) Programme to achieve the common purpose of developing our pupils into good individuals and useful citizens. CE is an important component of CCE and it is effected through Bedok View’s sustained efforts to develop students’ knowledge of and a sense of belonging to Singapore. The programme is designed to inculcate CE values and civic responsibility in Bedok View-and with the purposeful learning of students in mind. The 4 NE (National Education) Commemorative Days are an important part of Bedok View’s efforts, providing meaningful contexts for students to reflect on lessons learnt from key moments in Singapore’s history and put their values into action as concerned citizens and active contributors. The Committee also mentors a group of student leaders, Red Dot Ambassadors, who organises and promotes NE related activities. 

The NE framework encapsulates the objectives, spirit and approach of NE
Here, in Bedok View, we adopt the “Head, Hearts, Hands” approach for NE. It draws on the three guiding principles in the second ring – emphasis on quality, greater ownership by all stakeholders, and the need to customise and differentiate programmes to cater for varying needs, interests, talents and maturity levels of students.

The outer-most ring represents three key groups of stakeholders that are involved in the delivery of NE – educators, students and the community. This reinforces the idea that NE is owned by everyone, and emphasizes the importance of community partners in the process of NE.

The objectives of NE in Bedok View are as follows:
To develop national cohesion, the instinct for survival and confidence in the future, by:
  • fostering a sense of identity, pride and self-respect as Singaporeans;
  • knowing the Singapore story -- how Singapore succeeded against the odds to become a nation;
  • understanding Singapore's unique challenges, constraints and vulnerabilities, which make us different from other countries; and
  • instilling the core values of our way of life, and the will to prevail, that ensures our continued success and well-being.