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Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)


Character Development is central to Bedok View’s vision of creating a `School of High Standards, Quality Learning and Holistic Development.’ School leaders and staff work in synergy to realise the school mission to `Nurture Students, Transform Lives and Serve the Nation’.  Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) is integrated with both Instructional Programmes (IP) as well as the Non-Instructional programmes (non-IP), Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), Values-In-Action (VIA), Student Leadership Development and other school programmes. In this way, CCE is part and parcel of the school experience of our students. The CCE curriculum aims to develop our Bedok Viewans to be morally upright, concerned citizens and have the necessary skills and knowledge to take on challenges in our rapidly changing and globalised world. This is achieved by inculcating values, building Social Emotional (SE) competencies and developing 21st Century Competencies in our students. 

At the end of his or her educational journey in Bedok View, we aspire to develop every Bedok Viewan to be:

a confident person who has a strong sense of right and wrong, is adaptable and resilient, knows himself, is discerning in judgment, thinks independently and critically, and communicates effectively.
a self-directed learner who questions, reflects, perseveres and takes responsibility for his own learning.
an active contributor who is able to work effectively in teams, exercises  initiative, takes calculated risks, is innovative and strives for excellence; and 
a concerned citizen who is rooted to Singapore, has a strong sense of civic responsibility, is informed about Singapore and the world, and takes an active role in bettering the lives of others around him.

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The CCE Curriculum includes the following:  

1. Developing Social Emotional Skills (CCE Lessons)
These lessons enable students to acquire the skills and appropriate attitudes for personal and inter-personal effectiveness.   They include a series of activities which focus on acquisition of skills to recognise and manage emotions, developing care and concern for others, making responsible decisions, establish positive relationships, and handling challenging situations effectively. These skills will serve our students to transit successfully to young adulthood and beyond.   

2. Cyber Wellness 
Cyber Wellness refers to the positive well-being of internet users. It involves an understanding of the risks of harmful online behaviours, an awareness of how to protect oneself and other internet users from such behaviours. Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) offers an important platform for achieving Cyber Wellness outcomes. The CCE Guidance module on Cyber Wellness provides classroom instruction to facilitate the development of life-long social-emotional competencies which are grounded on sound values, so that students would be poised to harness the benefits of Info-Communication Technology and avoid its dangers.

3. Education & Career Guidance 
To equip students with the skills to explore and make informed decisions regarding post-secondary courses of study and career opportunities, we organise a series of career visits, exhibitions, seminars and open houses. A Work Shadowing Programme has also been setup to allow for more career development opportunities for our students.  Our school’s Career Guidance Counsellor is available for consultation and support every Monday at the Career Corner of the school library. Career related resources (brochures and prospectus, CD-ROMS, VCDs) are also available in the Career Corner in the school library.

4. Sexuality Education 
Sexuality Education is the teaching of facts and values pertaining to human sexuality.  It aims to help students understand their gender role and how they relate to others in society. Sexuality Education covers four dimensions which shape a person’s sexuality: the Physical, Emotional, Social and Ethical dimensions.  Sexuality Education is conducted through structured lessons, workshops and Assembly programmes. 

5. Citizenship Education 
Citizenship Education (CE) is important for nurturing a future generation of citizens who love Singapore and have a strong sense of belonging to Singapore. With globalisation bringing about an unprecedented and accelerated rate of change and myriad economic and social challenges, it becomes even more important for CE to succeed in its objectives of developing national cohesion, the instinct for survival and confidence in the future. In Bedok View, CE is championed by a group of student leaders known as the Red Dot Ambassadors. They lead the commemoration of the four National Education events such as Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day. To engage students in an experiential manner, CE learning journeys to various venues such as museums and Parliament House are also conducted. 

6. Values in Action
The Values in Action programme is an integral part of the holistic education which every Bedok Viewan receives. It forms an important component of CCE, where opportunities are provided for moral action. The VIA programme in Bedok View supports students’ development as socially responsible students who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of knowledge, skills and values. With values-driven co-curricular programmes in place, Bedok Viewans participate actively in meaningful VIA projects organised by the school or initiated by the class. The scope of projects for the programme is wide and varied, ranging from VIA projects carried out within the school to those serving the communities around us and ranging from themes like “Caring for Our School “ to “Caring for our Community.”

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The CCE Committee with the School Leaders during Racial Harmony Day 2018: Strength in Diversity.