Parent Support Group (PSG)

Who are we

The Parent Support Group has organised and participated in a number of school programmes in 2019. 

In January, they worked together with the school to welcome Secondary 1 parents during the Welcome Brunch.

In March, members of the PSG signed up as speakers during Career Seminar 2019. Madam Danielle Chan shared her expertise on the field of marketing while Madam Miya Chen shared on the fitness industry.

In April, the PSG organised a trip to Kok Fah Technology Farm for parents and students to bond while learning more about the forefront of Singapore’s agricultural technologies. Participants were able to go on a hydroponics tour and even harvested their own microgreens!

In conjunction with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, the PSG set up a booth where students could write notes of appreciation for their parents. Members of the PSG also gave away lovely stalks of flowers, chocolates and DIY keychains of which students could bring home for their parents. 

In July, the PSG set up a booth during our school’s Festival of Arts, Movement and Entrepreneurship (FAME). The members expressed their enthusiasm at being able to bond with other parents, interact with students and teachers, while raising funds for a worthy cause. 

Our Structure

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Our Programmes

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