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Community Partners

APSN Katong

Community Partner.jpgIn place since 2012, the school partners APSN Katong to provide an integrated learning experience which engages the ‘Head’, ‘Heart’ and ‘Hands’. With a shared vision to enable Bedok Viewans and special needs students to develop mutual understanding and respect towards each other, both schools come together to plan various activities which promote authentic learning of life skills and sustained opportunities for healthy interaction.

Singapore Management University

SMU.jpgIn place since 2015, the school also partners Singapore Management University to provide Bedok Viewans with academic support, motivation and develop a sense of self-efficacy through meaningful activities with a group of mentors. The programme is weekly and Bedok Viewans have the opportunity to increase their knowledge about post-secondary education through their mentors.

South East Community Development Council (SE CDC)

Bedok View has partnered South-East CDC in various initiatives. This year, we worked on two specific projects - the Community Laboratory Project as well as the My First Break. For the Community Laboratory project, our Red Dot Ambassadors participated in this community service leadership programme where were engaged to perform community experiments and projects to build strong social capital within the Bedok Community. The students specifically worked closely with the elders of Peace Heaven Bedok Centre over ten sessions. As for the My First Break programme, four of our students have been selected for this and will hone their entrepreneurial skills through the upcoming programmes. We hope to continue to support the initiatives from SE CDC and build a stronger community in the district.