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Track and Field

Teachers- In- Charge

Mdm Ho Mui Luan
Mr Hamzah Bin Muhit
Ms Seetoh Peijia
Mr Tan Teck Yong

CCA Timings

CCAVenueTuesdayThursdayTeacher IC
 Track and Field School Gym/Temasek JC 4.00pm - 6.00pm4.00pm - 6.00pm  Mdm Ho Mui Luan

Highlights of programmes/events of CCA this year

The Track and Field CCA nurtures confident athletes who strive to develop their potential to the fullest. They are taught to overcome their physical and mental barriers during the training sessions. In the process, the athletes grow to be resilient individuals who are well equipped to face future challenges and realise their aspirations. Effective and intensive training coupled with timely fun and games help the student athletes develop their passion for running and to build the motivation to improve themselves. The team’s motto is “We Train, Fight and Achieve Together”.
The athletes have brought honour to the school during this year National Track and Field Championships. The ‘C’ division boy’s relay team has managed to qualify for the finals, a commendable feat considering that only eight teams can achieve up to this level annually. Lim Yu Hng of 2E1 gave a stellar performance at the 100 metres finals to emerge fourth position for which he was awarded a medal.