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Teachers- In- Charge

Mdm Nur Hazwah Binte Mohamed Shah
Mrs Ooi Siam Ngeng Carol
Mdm Tan Siew Li

CCA Video

CCAVenueTuesdayThursdayTeacher IC
 NetballTue: ISH Lvl 2

Thu: Parade Square 
4.00pm - 6.30pm
 4.00pm - 6.30pm Mdm Nur Hazwah Binte Mohamed Shah

Highlights of programmes/events of CCA this year

The Netball CCA aims to develop the students’ ability in playing netball competitively and confidently. It also hopes to provide various opportunities for students to build leadership skills and a sense of teamwork. With the goal of nurturing a group of resilient and self-motivated individuals, the Netball CCA provides a range of experiential learning activities that help develop students holistically through participation in the National School Games, M1 Schools Challenge, various netball carnivals throughout the year and student-led team-bonding activities.

Under the guidance of our dedicated coach, the Netball team strives to play the sport with commitment and passion!