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Teachers- In- Charge

Mdm Nor Shana Bte Abd Aziz
Mdm Siti Hazwah
Ms Evelyn Tan

CCA Timings

CCAVenueTuesdayThursdayTeacher IC
 NetballParade Square 3.30pm - 6.00pm
 3.30pm - 6.00pm Mdm Nor Shana

Highlights of programmes/events of CCA this year

The Netball CCA aims to develop the students’ ability in playing netball competitively and confidently. It also hopes to provide various opportunities for students to achieve their full potential and develop holistically. With the goal of nurturing a group of resilient and self-motivated individuals, the Netball CCA has intensive training sessions, time for fun and laughter and support from teammates, teachers and coach. The Netball team strives to play the sport with commitment, dedication and passion!
This year, the Netball teams participated in the East Zone Competition. In addition, the B and C division teams also took part in the M1 School Challenge. With hard work and determination from the players, the B division emerged 3rd in group, while the C division achieved 1st in group and 3rd place in the overall competition.