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Teachers- In- Charge

Mr Shah (Shahul Hameed M M)
Mr Zaihan B Haron
Mr Shamsulbahri Othman

CCA Timings

CCAVenueTuesdayThursdayTeacher IC
 Football (Boys)School Field  3.30pm - 6.00pm 3.30pm - 6.00pm Mr Shah

Highlights of programmes/events of CCA this year

The BVSS Football CCA pride itself on its ability to inspire passion in every member.  The weekly training programs, with guiding learning intentions and success criteria, prepare players both physically and mentally to solve football tasks at a high tempo without compromising the quality of each action. Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological are the four key areas of focus. The extensive training helps in building technique and comfort level, even under pressure conditions, enhancing the ability to make proper decisions with and without the ball. It also improves co-ordination, mobility, balance, speed, endurance and strength. Further, it explores various psychological factors to overcome problems and pressures on and off the court. With the expertise gained, our players are making steady progress and noteworthy achievements in the zonal football competitions.