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Mr Shah (Shahul Hameed M M)
Mr Zaihan B Haron
Mr Shamsulbahri Othman
Ms Siti Farah Izzah

CCA Timings

CCAVenueTuesdayThursdayTeacher IC
 Football (Boys)School Field  3.30pm - 6.00pm 3.30pm - 6.00pm Mr Shah

Highlights of programmes/events of CCA this year

Football is a more than just a sport. It requires a strong character that portrays perseverance, determination, discipline, resilience and teamwork. Football is a team sport that builds body and mental strength, agility and coordination. In BVSS, The Football CCA training programs pivot on guiding learning intentions and success criteria and aim to instill responsibility, confidence and discipline in our students. The school teams are building up their skills and strength through trainings and gaining experiences from tournaments. The football training sessions include conditioning and strength training, goalkeeper session and other activities and aim to develop the passion for football in our players with the guidance and expertise of dedicated and experienced coach and teachers. We not only focus on developing and honing the technical skills of our players, such as dribbling, passing and tackling, but also to develop them into responsible self-leaders and an active contributors to the society.