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2RISE & SHINE Awards

January 2019


(From left to right: Choo Hui Jun Geraldine from 2/4, Tan You Ting Justina from 2/4, Nur Hanani Bte Abdullah from 4/6, Neo Ziqing Cecilia from 4/7)

February 2019


(From left to right: Mushira Sharlin D/O Ali Akber from 4/4, Boopalan Swathi from 4/5)

March 2019


(From left to right: Mak Ming Jie from 1/4. Poh Zhi Hong from 4/4)

April 2019


From left to right: Heng Wei Xun from 2/3, Sharifah Aliyah Binte Syed Agil from 1/4, Lim Zhi Yu from 2/3, Jaeden Ng from 1/5, Darius Tan from 1/1)

May 2019


(From left to right: Muhammad Hassuni Almunawar 2/2 , Loy Sing Liang 4/5 ,  Teo Jao Rui 3/2)

July 2019


(From left to right: Yeo En Ting from 4/5, Kee Zhen Xian from 3/1 and Stanley Wilbert from 4/1)

August 2019

                       (From left to right: Refat Azad from 3/5, Rajan Ralin from 3/6 and Nurul Ain from 4/7)

September 2019

                       (1st Row, from left to right: Izzan Danny Bin Sunny Alfein from 1/1, Jonathan Yap Yu Hong from 1/1,                                                                                Karen Ang Wei Xuan from 3/7
                       2nd row, from left to right: Ng Jin Heng Javier from 4/2, Shaun Teo Xiang Xun from 4/2, 
                                                                          Seim Sze Ho from 4/2, Ee Chong Yi Gabriel from 4/4)

October 2019


                        (From left to right: Qays Zara Muhammad Fariq from 1/2, Janice Chua Hui Qing from 2/3, 
                                            Lim Zhi Yu fro  2/3, Azimun Faazhila D/O Rayees A K from 2/6)