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2RISE & SHINE Awards

The 2RISE & Shine Award serves as a recognition platform to acknowledge Bedok Viewans who have demonstrated the school values through little good deeds in their daily lives.  These deeds reflect our school's 2RISE values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Service and Excellence. This allows the school to emphasise on consistent and coherent messaging on CCE.

March 2021 Winners

Madhavan Pranav
Sec 1/3

Madhavan Pranav 1-3.png

Cheng Ping Chen
Sec 1/4

Cheng Ping Chen 1-4.png

Ng Zhi Xun Gordon
Sec 2/3

NG Zhi Xun Gordan 2-3.png

Wang Zhijie
Sec 2/6

Wang Zhi jie 2-6.png

 Tharakeshavan Parthasarathy
Sec 3/1
Tharakeshavan parthasarathy 3-1.png

 Joy Lim Mei Le
Sec 3/2


Lancelot Ray Macaraeg Regalado
Sec 3/5 


 Suryan Achinthya Ravichandran
Sec 3/6
Suryan Achinithya Ravichandran 3-6.png
Lidiya Qistina Binte Suhaimi
Sec 3/6 
Lidiya Qistina Binte Suhaimi 3-6.png

 Andrew Mathieu Ramu
Sec 4/2
Andrew  4-2.png
Matthew Tan Wei En
Sec 4/2 
Matthew 4-2.png

 Lim Xu Cong
Sec 4/2
Xu Cong.png

 Law Kheng Zhe
Sec 4/2
Kheng Zhe 4-2.png
 Chen Yong Xin
Sec 4/2
Yong Xin 4-2.png
 Heng Wei Xun
Sec 4/3
Wei Xun 4-3.png
 Vikram Seeman
Sec 4/4
Vikram Seeman 4-6.png
 Daniel Thardu Zin
Sec 4/6
Daniel 4-6.png
 Mohamed Noufal s/o Mohamed Yusuf
Sec 4/6
Noufal 4-6.png
 Muhammad Nur Irfan Putera Muhammad Suhairi
Sec 4/6
Irfan 4-6.png
 Tan Kai Jun, Ernest
Sec 4/6
Ernest 4-6.png
 Kang Ru Fei
Sec 4/6
kang Ru fei 4-6.png
 Lu Yi Yong
Sec 4/6
Lu Yi Yong 4-6.png