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2RISE & SHINE Awards

January 2020



(Top Row: From left to right - Alston Chieng Yao Xiang from 1/1, Iain Tan Cheng Wen from 1/1, Rei Eleanor Guo from 1/5)
(Bottom Row: From left to right - Isaac Leong Kai En from 1/1, Muhammad Nabil Bin Jamaludin from 3/4, Mohammad Sahil from 2/4)

February 2020


(From left to right - Hasan Mohideen Rayhan Ahmed from 1/1, Alston Chieng Yao Xiang from 1/1, Lee Hsih Yang from 1/1)


(From left to right - Isaac Yee Jing Hua from 1/2, Era Maheswari from 1/3, Mak Ming Jie from 2/4)


(From left to right - Jasmitha Abdul Aziz from 2/6, Lee Ying Ray from 2/2, Ting Wah Kai Brandon from 2/6)


(From left to right - Lew Yu Chen from 3/3, Cheh Wan Yuit Jolin from 4/7, Mohammad Kabir from 5/1)