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Project TitlePupil's NameAward
Hands-Free Tray Returner
Izz Adli Bin Sunny Alfien


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ignITE Skills Challenge 2019

The ignITE Skills Challenge is a national-level skills competition organised by the Institute of Technical Education, Singapore, with support from the Ministry of Education. The aim of the competition is to excite secondary school students about the value of vocational and skills education. Our students participated in the Vertical Gardening Category and the Circuit Tinkering Category. They enjoyed the experience of learning and competing at the same time. In addition, Eric Suzhaire, Putra Nur Iman and Chng Shi Rui did well and advanced to the finals in the Circuit Tinkering Category, with the guidance of Mr. Lim Boon Wei.

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Science and Technology Challenge 2019

The Science and Technology Challenge is an annual competition organised by Nanyang Polytechnic. The aim of the competition is to fuel students’ critical and creative thinking while promoting the benefits of an engineering and science education. Our students competed in different events and enjoyed the experience of competing and learning at the same time. In addition, Lem Shi Jye and Pang Wei Quan did themselves and the school proud by clinching the Best Teamwork Award for Design & Build A Bridge, with the guidance of Mr. Jeremy Yong.