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UNSW Maths Competition

115 students participated and were awarded 1 High Distinction, 20 Distinction, 45 Credit, 4 Merit and 45 Participation Certificates. 

English Language

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UNSW English Competition

36 students participated and were awarded 4 Distinction, 15 Credit, 2 Merit and 15 Participation Certificates. 

Mother Tongue Language

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Tamil Department

5 students participated in the Naadum Oru Padaippaali Contest and were awarded 3 Silver Award (Budding Artiste Category) and 1 Silver Award (Budding Writer Category).


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Singapore Youth Festival 2018 Exhibition

Category A (Lower Sec) - Harmony Within Us represented by 4 Sec 2E students
Category B (Upper Sec) - An artwork by one Sec 4E student from 2017 batch was showcased at MOE Gallery and printed on Teachers’ Day gift/collaterals for MOE staff.