Head Of Department

Mr Abdul Malek Osman

Subject Head/Level Head

Mr Lee Khai Yin

Department Members


Mrs Deepa Nanwani Singh (Head Of Department/Character & Citizenship Education)
Ms Jasmine Lian (Biology Coordinator)
Mr Yee Boon Wei
Ms Cherie Chow

Mr Joshua Yeo Huan 


Ms Kong Wai Leng (Chemistry Coordinator)
Ms Wong Wei Leen (Lower Secondary Science Coordinator)
Mdm Ho Mui Luan 
Mr Roy Cher
Mr Syed Alwi (SSD)
Mr David Keng

Mr Hui Da Zun


Mr Abdul Malek(Head Of Department/Science)
Ms Lim Yong Hui (Physics Coordinator)
Mr Lee Khai Yin (Subject Head/Science)
Ms Nur Liyana Yahya (Allied Educator)
Ms Ng Lam Lam
Ms Toh Li Zhen
Mr James Lim
Ms Nur Hazwah Mohamed Shah
Mr Jeremy Yong De Jun
Mr Michel Lim

NT Curriculum (Science)

Mr Lee Khai Yin (Subject Head/Science)
Mr David Keng (NT Coordinator)
Ms Norfarizan (NT Coordinator/Allied Educator)
Mr Yee Boon Wei


The Science Department is led by our HOD Science and is supported by one SH. At BVSS, we aspire to produce students who are scientifically literate and inquisitive learners. We believe in nurturing our students to be self-directed learners who have a lifelong passion for Science. We adopt an Inquiry-Based Learning Approach in the teaching and learning of Science at all levels. Science knowledge and skills are nurtured and developed through these three broad platforms: Classroom Based, Laboratory Based and the Science Incubation Unit (SIU). Our SIU provides students with a holistic and integrated approach towards experiences in Applied Science Learning. The department adopts a holistic system in the teaching of Science for the lower secondary express and normal academic streams. For the Upper Secondary students, the department offers Pure Biology, Chemistry, Physics as well as Combined Science (Physics and Chemistry) and Combined Science (Biology and Chemistry) to all the Express Students. For the Upper Secondary Normal Academic students, the department offers Combined Science (Physics and Chemistry). As for our Normal Technical Stream, we offer Science at all levels. The department believes in giving equal opportunities for all students to learn Science so as to ensure that they have a well-rounded Science education. 


Scientifically literate and Inquisitive Learner.


To nurture scientifically literate and self-directed learners who have a lifelong passion for Science. 


  1. Science Experiential Workshop (SEW) (Secondary 1)

  2. Ignite Challenge (for Secondary 2NT & 3NT)

  3. Physics, Chemistry & Biology Olympiads (Secondary 3)

  4. Advance Elective Module on Maritime Engineering (Secondary 3)

  5. Learning Journey to Health Science Exhibition

  6. Nanyang Poly Science Competition

  1. Science Experiential Workshop (SEW) (Secondary 1)
Secondary One students attend the in-house Science Experiential Workshop (SEW) to enrich and extend their learning beyond the syllabus near the end of a school term. Students will be engaged with hands-on activities when they attend the workshop. A few examples of these activities are bridge-building using ice-cream sticks, 'crime-scene' investigation and slime-making.

2. Ignite Challenge (for Secondary 2NT & 3NT)

The ignITE Skills Challenge is a national-level skills competition organised by the Institute of Technical Education, Singapore, with support from the Ministry of Education and Singapore Science Centre. As the only national competition for N Level students in Singapore, the aim is to excite secondary school students about the value of vocational and skills education.Students can participate in 12 challenges that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This year marks the third edition of ignITE Skills Challenge. With the tagline ‘Where Innovation Meets STEM’, challenges are designed to be engaging and fun, so as to make learning enjoyable and memorable.This year, our students participated in three categories – Gel Power, Colourful Hands, Colourful Minds and the Circuit Tinkering Challenge. They worked as a team to engineer a piquant and nutritious energy drink, create art using paper chromatography and reimagined electric circuits into beautiful 3D art pieces. The most essential part of this programme is that students were actively involved in hands-on activities, and have learnt to appreciate and relate STEM more in their daily lives. 

Science-Our students in circuit-tinkering action..jpg

Our students in circuit-tinkering action.
Science-One of our very happy winning teams..jpg
One of our very happy winning teams.

3. Physics, Chemistry & Biology Olympiads (Secondary 3)
Teachers at BVSS encourage students to participate in the Physics, Chemistry and Biology Olympiad programme. They provide training sessions to prepare students for the upcoming Olympiad competitions. Intellectual skills such as analysis, deduction, induction, problem-solving and decision-making are taught during the sessions. 

This year, about 50 students represented the school for these competitions. They underwent training sessions and were pitched against some of the nation’s most outstanding science students (IP schools or specialized science institutions).

4. Advance Elective Module on Maritime Engineering (Secondary 3)
The Advanced Elective Module (AEM) was conducted for the Secondary 3 Express Physics students. Our students spent 4 days at Ngee Ann Polytechnic during their September school holidays to attend the module on The Science of Ship Design. Students had the chance to understand more about the marine offshore industry and the prospects of studying marine engineering. Our students also enjoyed their time working on boat models, with the focus on fundamental concepts of naval architecture.