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Project Work

Department Members

Ms Nur Hazwah Binte Mohamed Shah (I/C)
Mr Wee Khim Leng
Ms Nurul Huda Bte Farid
Mdm Ma Lay Hwa


The theme of Project Work, ‘Sustainability’, invites students to brainstorm on ideas and solutions to conserve the limited resources that Singapore has, through the Problem-Based Learning Process. Lessons on sustainability, conservation and learning journeys through the lenses of different subjects are conducted, highlighting the multi-disciplinary nature of Project Work. This allows students to explore the inter-relationships and inter-connectedness of these subject-specific knowledge, while synthesizing their learning to apply on a selected problem. While some students craft proposals to engage the community, others creatively design and construct models of their own sustainable and smart communities. Their innovative skills are further honed through the presentation of their proposals and models using an engaging media platform. 


Fostering collaborative learning through team-building gamesApplying communication skills through interviews with residents

Facilitators working with dataloggersA student’s artistic impression of a sustainable and smart community

 5.jpg 6.jpg
An intricately designed sustainable and smart community 

  Young architects proudly presenting their finished productLearning journey to Marina Barrage Sustainable Gallery to understand more of Singapore’s sustainability practices

 Model-making in progress Broadcasting and Journalism Video Making