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Mother Tongue

Department Video

Head of Department

Mr Desmond Phoa

Department Members

Chinese Language Department 
Mdm Wong Chiu Yian
Mdm Ji Yu 
Mr Tan Teck Yong 
Mdm Tan Sei Hui 
Mdm Yu Baixin
Mr Choo Teck Huak
Mr Andy Ang Lai Sheng
Mdm Chi King Kiok

Malay Language Department
Mr Nazarudin Abdul Bakar (Senior Teacher) 
Mr Hamzah Muhit 
Mr Syaiful Bahri Abdul Latif 
Mdm Nazatul Fadzlin Fadil
Mdm Umi Kalthom Bte Shokor

Tamil Language Department
Mdm Durairaj Umamaheswari (Senior Teacher) 
Mr Sivabalan Kaliaperumal
Mr Palanivelu Balakrishnan
Mrs Peter Chelliah (Mdm Suppiah Katai Ammal)

Our Mission

In Bedok View (BV), there is a strong emphasis to equip students with the skills and knowledge in Mother Tongue Languages (MTL). We aspire to help our students acquire the proficiency and ability to use MTL confidently and learn to appreciate the diverse culture, traditions and history of their roots. With these, they will be able to thrive in the rapidly changing global society.

Our Vision

  • To create a nurturing environment for quality learning and holistic development of our students.

Our Mission

  • To nurture effective communicators who are life-long learners of their Mother-Tongue Language and possess deep appreciation of our culture and diversity.

High Standards

In BV, the MTL department sets high standard through an engaging curriculum. Our team of highly committed teachers are constantly exploring a repertoire of pedagogies to create meaningful learning content and experiences for the students. We aim to develop students who are self-directed learners and possess collaborative skills to enable them to work in teams effectively. In addition to that, the MTL department also leverages on Information Communication and Technology (ICT) tools to facilitate the teaching and learning of MTL. 

Quality Learning

Lessons conducted are student-centred and are designed to develop in our students 21st Century Competencies. School-based curriculum, learning packages and handbooks are designed to help our students be more competent in the language. Multiple opportunities and platforms are created for students to apply their learning and use the language in a variety of contexts and situations. Students will also be placed in authentic settings to allow them to experience the use of the language in relevant and real-life situations.

Holistic Development

The MTL Department also aims to develop our students holistically. We achieve this through meaningful activities and programmes planned for them that take place throughout the year. 

Through these activities and programmes, we hope to provide a holistic MTL learning experience for our students. We hope to inspire the love of the language in students and equip them with competencies to become active learners and proficient users of MTL.


  • Chinese New Year Celebration 
  • Hari Raya Celebration
  • Deepavali Celebration
  • Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight
  • Conversational Chinese Malay Programme 
  • Overseas Learning Journey
  • CPES (CL)
  • CPEF (ML)

Chinese New Year Celebration

Bedok View ushered in the year of the Rat with a classroom decoration competition, three VIA projects , a CNY learning package and the usual concert performance.  Other than immersing our students in the festive celebration, we also hope to build good values through service towards others and showing appreciation to our non teaching staff. 01.jpg 02.png03.png (From left to right)
  • Chinese New Year Class Appreciation Project
  • VIA with old folks home
  • Lion Dance performance

Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight

Given the changing language environment, the usage of MTL beyond curriculum time is critical to making MTL a living language for our students. As such the school organized various activities during our MTL Fortnight to enable our students to learn and use MTL in a more novel and authentic way. 04.png Clock-wise from top left: Food Tasting, Chinese Tea Art Appreciation, Radio Deejay Interaction, Learning Journey.

Subjects Offered

Chinese LanguageMalay LanguageTamil Language

Higher Chinese Language

Higher Malay Language

Tamil Language
Chinese LanguageMalay Language
Tamil Language B
(at Secondary 4)

 Chinese Language B
(at Secondary 4)

Malay Language B
(at Secondary 4)