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Head of Department

Mdm Khoo Ghee Suan, Christina (Mrs Lee)

Subject Head/Level Head

Ms Safura Bte Abdul Karim

Department Members

Ms Ang Suat Kee Sally (A Mathematics Coordinator)
Mrs Serene Kuek (School Mathematics Mentor)
Mrs Alice Pang
Mdm Carol Eng
Ms Cherie Chow
Mrs Clarice Zhang
Ms Grace Felicity Wong
Mr Tay Soon Heng
Mr Jastinian Tan
Mr Jeremy Yong De Jun
Ms Ng Lam Lam
Mdm Noelle Tan
Ms Seetoh Peijia
Mr Ho Ren An
Ms Sherine Wong
Mdm Tan Siew Li
Ms Noorfatin Beevi

Principle of Accounts
Ms Carol Eng
Ms Cheong Siew Im Petrina

Computer Applications
Ms Juliet Heng Li Gek
Mr Wee Kim Leng


  • The Mathematics Department aims to create a vibrant and engaging environment where Math can be explored, enjoyed and made meaningful in relation to the Real-World as well as in other subjects.

  • To help our students better handle Math problems, the acronym UDC2 (adapted from Polya’s 4-step problem solving approach) was introduced to all levels in 2018.


  • Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN) Lesson Study 
  • UNSW Competition
  • All Singapore Math Competition for Normal Course Students
  • Sec 1E and 1NA collaborative Learning Journey with Humanities, Aesthetics & National Education to National Museum