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Head Of Department

Mrs Georgina Hua - Teo Yan Geok

Department Members


Mr Fathul Rahman
Mr Steven Teo
Ms Wong Yin Mei
Ms Francy Phay Su Hui
Ms Constance Cheong
Ms Nurul Huda


Ms Ee-laine Oh
Ms Nur Hafizah
Ms Nur Syafiqah
Ms Mabel Zhang
Mrs Fong - Woon Chu Meng

Social Studies

Mrs Georgina Hua-Teo Yan Geok
Mr Fathul Rahman
Mr Steven Teo
Ms Francy Phay Su Hui
Ms Noorfatin Beevi
Ms Ee-laine Oh


The Humanities Department oversees the subjects of Geography, History and Social Studies. In learning these subjects, students will be exposed to complex issues and different perspectives and in the process learn to think critically and develop effective writing and communication skills. Through learning the Humanities, they will have a better understanding of the world around them, learn empathy and be informed and active citizens of society.


To develop critical thinkers who have a sense of national identity and global awareness


Building Bridges, Making Progress

Teachers and students who are people who build bridges with their past (History), their environment (Geography), their society and nation (Social Studies) and as a result, are always learning and able to make progress as an individual, as a member of society and as a responsible and active citizen.


Overseas Learning Journey
NUS Geography Challenge
History Card Challenge

S1 Geographical Investigation on Water (Bedok Reservoir)
S2 Geographical Investigation on Sustainability - Collaboration with Project Work
S3 Geographical Fieldwork Investigation (Physical & Human Geography)
S1 Historical Investigation (Museums) - Collaboration with NE, Math, Aesthetics
S2 Historical Investigation (Ford Factory) - Collaboration with NE
S3 Issue Investigation
Structured Revision Programme (4E5N) 
Structured Revision Programme (4N)