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School Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

A School of High Standards, Quality Learning and Holistic Development

Our Mission

To Nurture Students, Transform Lives and Serve the Nation

Our Values

Core Values 
Desirable Actions for Our Students
• Carry ourselves with dignity and honour.
• Be gracious and polite to others.
• Show care, empathy and appreciation for one
• Appreciate different perspectives.
• Be punctual and present for school.
• Be prompt in our actions.
• Take pride in our grooming.
• Be reliable, accountable and proactive.
• Know and do all that is expected to the best of our
• Be truthful and honest in our words and actions.
• Have the courage to do what is right.
• Serve and contribute to the school, community,
  and nation with humility and sincerity.
• Be sensitive to the needs and concerns of others.
• Set goals and persevere to achieve them.
• Embrace an innovative mindset.
• Be good role models.