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Year Heads


Overview of the Department

Aligned with Bedok View's Strategic Thrust 2 in nurturing the whole child through character development and supporting student well-being, the school has formalised a new Year Head system to oversee the holistic development of our students. The key objective of the Year Head system is to nurture a caring community that provides a conducive learning environment for our Bedok View students. Working closely with class teachers, Year Heads work on character development, pastoral care, guidance, counselling and academic performance of the students. They also play a vital role in shaping the culture and strategic directions of the school.

Year Heads are to monitor and support students’ academic and social development across a whole year group. Year Heads will lead a team of Form Teachers of the level to provide stronger socio-emotional support to our students. Year Heads will also coordinate with Form Teachers to ensure students are developed holistically and enrich their learning experiences. Year Heads plan and organise programmes and events as platforms to develop students’ leadership qualities, carry out value-in-action, build students’ self-confidence and enhance students’ self-motivation to reach for excellence. One example, is the Level Camps.

Another important role of Year Heads is to partner with stakeholders including school leaders, teachers and parents in strengthening parents-teachers-students relationship to promote the highest standards of behavior, conduct and attitudes of our students in a concerted effort.

Overall, Bedok View Year Heads system seeks to better provide every student with quality school experiences throughout their secondary school education. 

Department Members


Sec 1 Assistant Year Head: Ms Wong Yin Mei

Sec 2 Year Head: Mr Fathul Rahman

Sec 3 Assistant Year Head: Ms Jasmine Lian

Sec 4 & 5 Assistant Year Head: Ms Francy Phay