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Homework Policy

Purpose of Homework:

Enable students to:

  • retain knowledge better
  • be more skilful in application of skills and concepts
  • deepen their conceptual understanding
  • develop good study habits and skills such as good time management, self-evaluation and self direction
  • and take greater ownership and responsibility for independent learning
Parent’s/ Guardian’s Responsibilities:
  • create a home environment conducive for studying and completion of homework
  • supervise and provide support for child’s learning
  • reinforce good study habits and attitudes
  • be mindful not to overload the child with out-of-school activities; and
  • work in partnership with teachers to support child’s learning and development
Subject Teacher’s Responsibilities:
  • design appropriate and meaningful homework
  • set realistic deadlines for submission of homework
  • establish and communicate clear expectations to students on the purpose of and procedure of homework
  • co-ordinate with other teachers of the class on the frequency and quantity of homework to be given
  • provide timely intervention and support to students; and
  • engage parents on homework matters and provide them with information pertaining to students’ learning progress
  • engage parents on homework matters and provide them with information pertaining to the students’ learning progress
Student’s Responsibilities:
  • understand the purpose of homework and what is expected of them;
  • keep track of homework instructions and deadlines
  • manage time well to ensure that homework is completed and submitted on time
  • give his/ her best effort in completing homework; and
  • review feedback from teachers on homework submitted