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Bedok View Secondary School recognises that the task of supporting youths is not the responsibility of schools alone. It is a whole community responsibility including the contribution of school leaders, teachers, parents and community-based service providers. It takes a village to raise a child. Establishing effective school partnerships garners a much greater chance of developing integrated and comprehensive responses with the needs of the CHILD at the centre. To this end our Partnerships Framework was born.

Bedok View’s Partnerships Framework

5 key components make up our partnerships efforts.

1. Making  onnections: We maintain effective and timely communications with different stakeholders leveraging on the PSG Yahoo    Network as a mass communication platform. This fosters parent-to-parent sharing and networking and provides connections between parents and the school. The SMS system keeps parents updated on important information. A termly calendar of events keeps parents updated on school events. ParentLink, a newsletter for parents, is also published twice yearly on the school website to update parents on key achievements and events in the school. 
2. Engaging the  ead,  eart and  ands: We work with our stakeholders collaboratively. In engaging the ‘Head’, stakeholders like parents must first understand and agree with the rationale for partnerships. We have organised parenting talks and workshops to hone their skills and competences in raising a teenager. We engage the ‘Heart’ in appealing to the emotional aspect of partners where we provide the motivation and desire for them to work with the school. For example we are in partnership with APSN Katong School, where our students learn about compassion and character building, taking part in activities and performances together. We engage the ‘Hands’ in putting the ideas into action, transforming the ‘Head’ and ‘Heart’ into reality. 

3. Building A Unique  dentity: We also focus on rallying our various partners to build a sense of identity that is unique in creating the Bedok View Brand. Close collaboration with our partners helps us in building up our image as a vibrant learning community that is able to meet the diverse needs and wants of our present and future students. Towards this end, Bedok View has fostered close ties with international institutions like Zhengzhou No. 8 Middle School, Tianjin No. 43 Middle School, Oregon Linfield College and Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School from Hong Kong.  

4. Role-modelling  eadership: Our school leaders set the tone when it comes to working with partners. Therefore, they are actively involved and are always present to address the concern of parents during sessions like PSG meetings, Breakfast Talks with Sec 1s and Sec 2 Subject-Combination Briefings.   
5. Nurturing Holistic  evelopment: We believe that effective partnerships result in a win-win situation as everyone works towards the desired outcomes of education in ensuring that the students benefit in the various aspects. 

We are thus inspired in building bridges with our different stakeholders to enhance students’ experiences and to look at achieving measurable outcomes for individuals, schools and the broader community. Everybody wins.